Ranmase March 24th 2019, Haiti news last week


This week on Ranmase.

Former Senator Steven Benoint, Jean Andre Victor, Tony Barbier, Hughes Celestin, Sinal Betrand and Rudy Herivaux were the guests of Ranmase on March 24th 2019.

The show started with Jean Andre victor who sent sympathy to Me Gedeon who was cowardly beaten by ex-President Martelly’s security details. Tony Barbier on the other hand started by talking about the upcoming mobilization on March 29th.

Rudy herivaux who represent the government came back by asking mobilization for what?

That did not stop Tony Barbier. He said their top priorities are The president’s resignation, a fair PetroCaribe trial and a national conference.

The show really started with the cancellation of Martelly’s performance in Canada. A performance of shame as Jean Monard called it.

For Rudy, it was a regretful that the show got cancelled. The performance would be a boost for the Canada and the Haitian community in Montreal. Rudy went further to say that there were more people for the show than those that were against it.

President Martelly is a respectful man said Herivaux. If he was in Martelly’s shoes, he would behave differently though.

The day went on with back and forth jabs between those who represent the opposition and the ones for the government.

Ranmase Marche 23rd 2019, Part 2

Some takeaways and jabs from Marche 24th Ranmase.

“Agronòm nan fè konnen li pa nòmal konpòtman ansyen prezidan An ap afiche a li pa ka bali lòt plas ankò nan sosyete a joure fanm antre nan pèsonalite mounn se pa avni peyi a , se ta yon wont pou nou ap pale pozitif de sa .”

The agronomist claims that it is not normal behavior of the former President, that he is posting that he can no longer take another place in the society of insulting women into personality that is not the future of the country, it would be a shame for us to speak positive about it

“Agronòm nan fè konnen ke prezidan dwe pran konsyans poul bay demisyon li pou peyi a  ka rekòmanse sou yon ray de chanjman .”

Jean Andre Victor: the president should take consciousness and resign so that the country can revive on a different path.

“Envite Hygue fè konnen yon mounn kite okipe yon plas nan peyi an e menm avan poul toujou gen menm konpòtman sa nou paka pale de popilarite pouli depite a fè konnen li ta vle wè yon gras devan doktè a telman lap de natire tèt li .”

“Depite s ale poul di  kapasite yon  doktè tankou Erivaud poul ap apiye mateli kisa sa ta vle di kel fè konnen mateli se bagay pase . Pa gen konparezon yon moun ki fin preparel poul tap konparel ak mateli .”

“Senatè Steeven Benoit te rive fè bouch li poul di li pap pale de sa paske li soulinye delè komite entènasyonal la te mete mateli nan dezyèm tou kel estime Li pat ladanl , senatè a fè konnen tout manm inite yo te kouri kite Jude Celestin pou yon kesyon de viza si yo pa dakò mateli nan dezyèm tou .”

Senator Steeven Benoit said Martelly was chosen to go to 2nd round by the international committee. All the members left Jude Celestin’s Unite party because they feared that the U.S would cancel their visas.

“Senatè a fè konnen fachel ak ansyen prezidan se paskel te deklare ke mateli pa diy poul prezidan . Ansyen senatè a tap soulinye ke nou bezwen vagabon ke mounn serye.”

His beef with Martelly started because the ex-president was not worthy of the presidency. He was not fit to be president of Haiti.

Ranmase Marche 23rd, 2019 Part 3

Donald Trump and indicted Haitian President Jovnel to meet

U.S President Donald Trump to meet with some influential from the Caribbean Islands. This includes the selected leader of Haiti. A country which President Trump called a “Shit Hole Country” earlier this year.

He will also meet with leaders from other nations in the area. Lets wait and see what Mr Trump will bring to the table this time. Jamaica, Bahamas, Saint Lucia and the Dominican Republic will also join Trump in that meeting.

The meeting will take place at Mara-Lago this Friday. The agenda will be the cooperation on security trade. What trade?


Jovnel got rid of Ceant


The president of Haiti’s latest tactic to impede the ongoing Corruption process in Haiti. To muffle the investigation against him, President Jovnel fired Ceant. He has chosen to get rid of his prime minister. Prime Minister Ceant played a key role on the Petrocaribe inquiry against Jovnel.

This latest move by selected President Jovnel will the definitely bring chaos to Haiti. Haiti does not need this right now. We saw how the country nearly destroyed a couple of weeks ago. Haiti was on its knees for over 2 weeks.

Who will put out the fire this time?

President Jovnel cowardly went into hiding during the two weeks stand offs between the oppositions and his government. Ceant, once a member of one of the opposing parties was the one who brought tranquility in Haiti.

I fear for this beloved country. What will happen next?

Just when you thought there would be changes, this came. All hell will break loose in Haiti with no one to pour cold water.

Michel Martelly’s friend Sonson La Familia back to jail


Sonson La Familia: RNDDH demands the application of the judgment of May 8, 2018

The national network of human rights RNDDH, asks the Court of Cassation to re-arrest Sonson La Famila and Renel Nelfort. The court of Cassation is the highest court in the country. This is in accordance with the judgment of the Court of Cassation last May. Michel Martelly’s friend Sonson La Famila may be heading back to jail.

Roody Etheart alson known as Sonson La Familia and Renel Nelfort are both memmbers of gang Gali. Gang galil is a gang that is allegedly have close ties to the current government and the previous one.

In that decision, the Court quashed the judgment that the criminal court sitting without jury assistance had made three years earlier. On April 17, 2015, the two men identified as the architects of the criminal association dubbed “gang”. Galil “.

They were released by judge Belizaire

RNDDH recalls that it is in response to public clamor. This release offended RNDDH. The public prosecutor at the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince had exercised a power of cassation.

In correspondence addressed to the new President of the Court, René Sylvestre. The RNDDH said it found that almost 10 months later, the Court’s judgment has still not been implemented. The human rights organization is all the more dismayed by noting the treatment of a case that had hit the headlines.

The RNDDH claims to have discovered that the Tribunal de premiere instance of Port-au-Prince was not served with the judgment of May 2018. Whereas, between the registry of the Court of Cassation and that of the prosecutor’s office, there would be confusion.

Indeed, the registry of the public prosecutor’s office at the Court of Cassation denies having received this document. The judgment of May 2018, that the registry of the Court affirms to have sent to him for the necessary continuations.

Facts for the least troubling for the human rights organization that recalls that Sonson La Familia and Renel Le Récit were tried for kidnapping, sequestration, money laundering, forgery, illegal drug trafficking, usurpation of securities, vehicle thefts, illegal possession of firearms among others.

These are criminals

Also, RNDDH claims that the criminal gang Galil has committed heinous crimes including the abduction of at least 17 people and the murder of at least four others.
Therfore, RNDDH urges the new president of the Court of Cassation to uphold the decision of the highest legal authority of the country in all its content.

Haiti money for corruptions


More money means more support for corruptions in Haiti.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) to put $229 million over 3years available to Haiti. We can already sense the grin in the faces of Jovenel Moise and his corrupt allies. The IMF just gave them more money to embezzle.
Even though they are not requesting that Haiti increase the price of gas like they did last year. That demand in 2018, nearly destroyed the country on July 6, 7 and 8.

Too late for more Haiti money

The economic situation in the country has reached its lowest point in years. The ones elected are not doing much to help either. Of course, this agreement with the IMF is not without compensation.

Same old Haiti money tactic

As it has done so many times in the past, the IMF has requested that the government of Haiti be a good kid in exchange for the interest free fund. It must promise that it will fight corruption. Yeah, right IMF, President Jovenel is a curator himself. How do you expect him to fight himself?

The government must establish good governance. This is another absurd joke. We are talking about Haiti here. The most vulnerable will not see a cent of that money. More money for PHTK and its crew to do what they have been doing in recent years.

With this agreement, Haiti has fresh money and clear support from the International Monetary Fund to continue in the same path that is destroying Haiti. I do not see how giving more incomprehensible money to a bunch of thieves will aid the country.

We saw this coming. The unsound supports for Jovenel Moise in recent days were for no reasons. I wonder if Haiti is really the sole beneficiaries of these funds. These people must be sightless. These are so called supporters of Haiti are aiding in destroying the country.

Pouring more money will never solve the systematic problem of Haiti. Haiti is a corrupt country. Most of its leaders are corrupt. It would be wiser for the IMF to help Haiti combating these thieves.

Today, it is just another day for Jovenel Moise. It is another dark day in Haiti just like the previous ones. The day will surely come. July 6th, 7th and 8th of 2018 gave us a peek. The real fight that will save this beloved land is soon to come.

President Jovnel and Ceant, your move

What is Ceant’s next move?

As he said in an interview, even President Jovenel will have to answer for PetroCaribes. Does Ceant have an agenda of his own? That is always the case in Haiti. The next man always claims to be better than the previous guy. When it is his turn, you see no difference.

President Jovenel is the weakest Haitian president in recent times. Is this the opportunity for Ceant to capitalize? Is this why Jovenel is trying to get rid of Ceant?

Henry Ceant next Haiti President!

Can that happen? Because of President Jovenel’s failures. Ceant stands a great chance of becoming the next leader of Haiti. Planned or unplanned, this is indeed a great chance for the prime minister of Haiti. To most Haitians, President Jovenel is a liar. He represents the worst.

This is the great chance of Ceant. The dishonest and immature President is dipping. The ship is about to sink in Haiti. A couple of weeks ago, it was Prime Minister Ceant that put an end to the 2 weeks long protests asking for president Jovenel’s head. He ensured the Petrochallengers on the streets that there will be a trial for those named in the report.

Guilty as charged

The political party PHTK’s name is all over the audit report released January 31 2019. This is the party of the current president Jovenel Moise. It is also the party of former president Martelly. To many, this party is a disgrace party.

Comphener S.A. and Agritrans are two private companies of Jovenel Moise. The name of both companies made it to the famous audit report. This is the worst position to be in as a leader. Jovenel was also indicted on charges of money laundering.

In many eyes, he was already guilty as charged. On a visit to Paris last year, Jovenel further inflicted more pain when he said that there would be no PetroCaribes trial while he is in office.

Cannot be trusted

He recently announced a commission to facilitate a dialogue that would bring an end to the current crisis in Haiti. That attempt is dead on arrival according to many. Two weeks before the announcement, he tagged the opposition leaders as drug dealers and criminals.

Justice for Haitians Victims of peaceful Protests.

UN calls on Paris to investigate “excessive use of force” against yellow vests

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Wednesday urged France to “thoroughly investigate” the police violence that has occurred during the Yellow Vest demonstrations since mid-November.

In a speech to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said that Yellow Vests are protesting against “what they consider ) exclusion of economic rights and (their) participation in public affairs “.

“We encourage the (French) government to continue the dialogue and urgently call for a thorough investigation of all reported cases of excessive use of force,” she added.

Justice for Haitians victims also

Ms. Bachelet recalled that inequalities affect all countries and that even in prosperous states. People feel excluded from the benefits of development and deprived of economic and social rights. She cited France as a prosperous country. She denounced the violent repression of recent protests in Sudan, Zimbabwe and Haiti.


The protesters “demand a respectful dialogue and real reforms. In many cases, the goverment used violent and excessive use of force. Also, there were arbitrary detentions, tortures and even reports of extra-judicial executions.

Constitutional rights to protest

Since the beginning of the Yellow Vest protest movement in France in mid-November, the Inspector General of the National Police (IGPN) has received about 100 cases of accusations of police violence. Twelve cases from Nord – Pas – de – Calais have been reported to the United Nations.

Several demonstrators claim to have been injured by launcher shots of defense (LBD), a weapon that arouses controversy in France.

Another friend of Martelly under arrest on drug charges

Former Cayes/Iles-a-Vache Depute Jean Fenel Thanis is arrested on drug charges. Jean Fenel is first of all, the latest of Martelly’s close allies to be arrested for drugs in Haiti and elsewhere.

This happens two days after President of Kompa, Michel Martellly defiant Carnival parade in Aux Cayes. Arrest of Jean-Fenel Thanis, former MP Cayes / Iles-à-Vache (Platform PEYIZAN), for drug trafficking.

Hence, disgrace mayor of Cayes Gabriel Fortune was not wrong in 2014. This apprehension is the concrete proof that the country legal bandits are governing Haiti.

A friend of Martelly is definitely an ally of the selected president Jovnel Moise. We are above all, not sure if he will face a judge or not. We all know how the folks in Haiti do things.

Gabriel was not wrong in 2014


The Deputy of Les Cayes / Iles-à-Vache was the one that launched an appeal to the members of the Provisional Electoral Council. He cried foul on November 5, 2014. He was not happy with the way the CEP recruited BED and BEC members.

Legal bandits in action

Jean Fenel was a member of the 49th legislature under Michel Marttely regime. He was also,a Repons Peyizan deouty. The same banner that Martelly used in 2011.

The arrest followed the recent capture of Former Commissioner Innocent Jean Edinord. As a result, the Haitian government quickly sent Edinor to the United States of America on February 13th, 2019. At the time of the arrest, he had a USGPN uniform on. USGPN is a special unit that attached to Palais National for the protection of President Jovenel Moise.

DEA agents, jointly with Haitian agents, expelled Innocent Jean Edinord on February 13, 2019 on a special air plane.

The ex-commissioner was a in the business of drug transporting. They caught him on the borders of Pont Morin in Port Au Prince.

Jimmy Jean Louis vle ede je’n defavorize an Ayiti

Jimmy Jean-Louis vle ede jèn ki pa defavorize yo an Ayiti.

Aktè Ayisien Jimmy Jean-Louis, yon aktè Franco-ayisyen, te nan Jamayik pou premye fim li an “Bahamian kago”. Evenman sa te pran plas jou 23 janvye 2019, nan Kingston. Jimmy Jean Louis jwe wòl yon ayisyen k’ap viv ilegalman nan Bahamas. Yonn nan ayisien k’ap chèche chimen pou rout Florida pa bato lapèch. Yon pòsyon nan revni fim nan pwale pou ede jèn ki defavorize nan Ayiti.

Sant pou Etid imigrasyon estime ke gen ant 75,000 ak 125,000 ilegal imigran ayisyen nan Etazini. Malgre gwo kantite sa a ak danje nan lanme, anpil toujou pran chans pou rive nan eldorado nan kontinan Ameriken an.

Jimmy Jean-Louis, ki nan biznis sinema pou plis ke 20 ane, mete aksan sou reyalite atwòs nan premye repiblik nwa nan mond lan. Li konfye tèt li nan Jamaica Observer jounal, aktè ki nan “Toussaint Louverture” NBC a ak “Ewo” di ke “lefèt ke Ayisyen vle kite Ayiti nan rechèch nan yon lavi miyò se totalman inakseptab”.

Konnen lavi tris anpil imigran nan Etazini, aktè a fe konnen ke “Nan peyi Etazini, lew nwa se ou pase tout move bagay nan mond sinematik la, epi, anplis, lew se ayisyen menm sa vi’n pi mal”.

Pasyone sou Ayiti, Jean-Louis anonse ke pati nan montan fim lan pral distribye nan “Hollywood inite pou Ayiti”, yon òganizasyon ki pa pou pwofi li te fonde pou ankouraje aktivite espòtif ak kiltirèl jèn ki defavorize yo an Ayiti.

Apre nan “Hollywood ini pou Ayiti”, aktè ki nan fim ki rele prezidan an gen SIDA ap eseye devlope endistri fim nan Ayiti. “Nan moman sa a, endistri fim ayisyen an se terib,” li di.

“Mwen te ale nan Ayiti nan 2005 ak 2006 e te fè kèk sinema la paske endistri fim lan te kòmanse pran zel, men piratri a ak sitiyasyon nan peyi a jis te fè tout bagay enposib”.

Men, Jean-Louis panse ke nasyon lan gen poul re kanpe. Nan entre-temps, li konseye moun natif natal Karayib ki gen rèv pou vi’n aktè dwe renmen chwa yo. “Asire ou ke ou renmen sa ou fè ak renmen otan ke ou kapab,” aktè a konkli.

Haitian President Rene Preval, 2years after death

This March 3rd brings back the commemoration of the death of former Haitian President Rene Preval. Today, it is in these moments of great turbulence in the country of Haiti one realizes how his presence would have been so necessary.

This day reminds us all of the death of this great man.

René Garcia Préval January 17, 1943 – March 3, 2017) was a Haitian predident and agronomist who twice filled in as President of Haiti, from February 7, 1996, to February 7, 2001, and again from May 14, 2006, to May 14, 2011. He was likewise President Jean Bertrand Aristide’s Prime Minister from February 1991 to October 11, 1991.

Préval was the initial elected president of Haiti who got the power from a previous leader in a pacific way. History has shown us that the transfer of power in Haiti does not always go smoothly.
To be the first since Haiti was free, is a great accomplishment. This says a lot about the man. Not only he did it in 1996, he was elected for a second time in 2006 and became the only to have finished his term twice.

Préval advanced privatization of government organizations, agrarian change, and examinations of human rights manhandles. His administrations were set apart by local tumult and endeavors at financial adjustment, with his last term saw the decimation created by the 2010 Haiti seismic tremor.

Before he became Haitian president

Préval was conceived on 17 January 1943 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and was brought up in his dad’s main residence of Marmelade, a small town in the Artibonite department. Agronomy was his major in college. He studied in Belgium and Italy.

Préval’s dad, also studied agriculture. He made his to the position of Minister of Agriculture. He later worked for the UN in Africa. He fleed the country because he was seen as a foe of the Duvalier regime. We all know the consequences for beain an adversary in ancient days.

Before working for the National Institute for Mineral Resources, Preval lived in Brooklyn, NY in the United State of America for 5 years. He did little jobs here there to endure during these 5 years.


It was through his generosity that he met then father Jean Bertrand Aristide certain doors were opened for President Preval. He used to donate breads from his pastry business that he opened in the year of 1988 for the students of Salesian.

Marriage life

On December 6, 2009, Preval wedded Elisabeth Débrosse Delatour — one of his financial consultants and widow of Leslie Delatour, the previous legislative leader of Haiti’s national bank. Preval’s first and second relational unions, to Guerda Benoit and Solange Lafontant, both completed in divorce.

His rise to power

In 1996, Préval was chosen as president for a five-year term, with 88% of the recognized vote. The second that did it since the independence of Haiti. This was never done in the past 191 years.

Préval initiated various financial changes, most eminently the privatization of different government organizations. There was a sharp decline in joblessness rates. As an agronomist, he created some farming programs during his term.

His administration, be that as it may, was additionally set apart by furious political conflicts with a parliament commanded by resistance party individuals (OPL) and an inexorably vocal Fanmi Lavalas which restricted the auxiliary change and privatization program of Préval’s government.

Preval is a fierce fighter when it comes to human rights violations. He broke up the parliament in 1999 and managed by declaration for the span of the last year of his presidency.

He did it again (2006– 2011)

Préval won the race again in 2006 under the Lespwa banner. The race occurred following two years of UN peacekeeping. Partial race results, released on February 9, showed that he had won with about 60% of the vote, yet as further outcomes were known, a lot of the vote slipped just beneath the half expected dominant part to be chosen inside and out – therefore making a run-off necessary.

The people of Haiti took to the streets of Haiti demanded that he was declared president. As requested, Preval was declared president on February 16, 2006 by the Electoral council. He took the oath on May 14, 2006. Jacques Edouard Alexis was his prime minister.

One of the first things Preval did on his 2nd term was the PertoCaribe deal with Venezuela. Préval drew quite a bit of support from Haiti’s less fortunate folks; he was particularly broadly upheld in the most unsuccessful neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

In any case, a significant number of the poor requested that the previous President Aristide be permitted to return and that the workers terminated by the Latortue government be reestablished.

This caused expanding pressure in the ghettos of Port-au-Prince. Préval guaranteed to manufacture a monstrous street framework which would support exchange and transportation around the country.

Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro and other Cuban representatives, for example, Vice President Esteban Lazo Hernandez expressed gratitude toward Haiti for steadfastly casting a ballot in the United Nations General Assembly against the United States ban on Cuba.

Préval’s strategic relations with individual Latin American countries opened up numerous monetary doors for Haiti. Préval met with numerous Latin American pioneers, for example, Fidel Castro, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Martín Torrijos of Panama, and Leonel Fernández of the neighboring Dominican Republic.

Relations with the Dominican Republic were reinforced to a great extent because of Préval’s readiness to end, unstable demeanors and to the two presidents’ emphasis on participation. The Dominican Republic was Préval’s first remote visit as head of state.

Préval then visited the United States, where he was saluted by U.S. President George W. Bush praised on his re-election.
Préval announced that following the Dominican Republic, the U.S. would be his first conciliatory visit in office, putting it in front of his possible political visits to Venezuela, Cuba and France. The U.S. considered Préval’s summit with Bush a decent indication of amazing US-Haitian relations amid the 43rd U.S. President’s organization.

Things got shaky in 2008

Toward the beginning of April 2008, riots have broken out over the staggering expense of food; since 2007, costs for various necessary sustenance, including rice, had ascended by about 50%. As the uprisings progressed, agitators assaulted the presidential palace on April 8. They were, however, met with the mighty UN soldiers.

On April 9, Préval called for peace; he said that high food prices were an issue far and wide, yet that the issue would not be tackled by destroying stores, and he said that he had “requested Haitian police and UN fighters to put a conclusion to the plundering”.

In spite of requests for all expenses on food imports to be lifted, Préval said that he couldn’t do as such in light of the fact that the cash was needed

Haiti Earthquake of 2010

A high magnitude earthquake hit Haiti On January 12. Preliminary reports demonstrated that the envoys were not able contact President Préval and they dreaded with the idea that he was one of the casualties.

It was reported a few hours later that the President and his wife Elisabeth Delatour Préval had gotten away safe and had been moved to a protected area on the island. The couple was going to enter their home when the quake struck.

A significant part of the Haitian government, including President Préval, moved to a police station near a Toussaint Louverture International Airport. The loss of life gauges from 100,000 to 316,000 people. Following the quake, President Préval was condemned in Haiti and abroad for his supposedly frail calamity reaction.

President Preval’s His death in 2017

After the presidency, Preval went to his home in Marmelade, where he took a shot at activities which incorporated a rural co-employable, a training center and a juice factory. His last known public presence was at the inauguration of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse on February 7, 2017.

Rest in Peace President Preval. His passing was declared on 3 March 2017 by Moïse on his Twitter account. Family companions declared that Preval was gone while in transit to a rural medical clinic in Port-au-Prince.

The reason for his death was at first reported as a heart failure. Some people had doubts about the account of his passing. This led to an autopsy that was conducted in front of DA Danton Leger. The examination was uncertain yet precluded a mind discharge or stroke.

Preval’s body laid in state at Muse du Pantheon National on the Champ de Mars, and a state memorial service and Catholic mass were held at the Kiosque Occide Jeanty amphitheater.

Patricia Préval, his youngest daughter, glorified her dad. Previous presidents Jocelerme Privert, Michel Martelly and Prosper Avril were in participation along with a few diplomats from around the world.