Ranmase 25 Mai 2019

Si’w te rate ranmase 25 Mai 2019 la, ou ka re koute li

Se te yon bel ranmase ki pat gen anpil rele kom dabitid le gen pouvwa jont opozisyon. Ranmase sa te pale sou vyol bandi ap fet sou jenn fi nan inivsesite. Dosye seyans paleman te sou tab la. Dosye yon prezidan ki inkapab te brase tou.

Ranmase sa te gen Me Gerver Charles, Me Rene Julien, Me Flekou, Andris Riche ki te reprezante Pouvwa tet kale a, te gen lot invite ki te reprezante mamnam, ki te vinn pale de mach Dimanch 26 Mai pou te kwape vyolans kap fet sou fanm ak lot moun nan peyi a.

Ranmase 25 Mai 2019



Haitian Asylum Seeker Injuries helped earned awards in Canada

CBC journalists in Quebec grab set of honors from Canadian Organization of Reporters

Catou MacKinnon wins inaugural reconciliation honor, CBC Montreal team wins for quality in labour coverage

Quebec City press reporter Catou MacKinnon has actually won the inaugural APTN/CAJ Settlement Honor, created to “acknowledge the work of a non-Indigenous journalist whose coverage has broadened the understanding of the relationship between Native and also non-Indigenous peoples.”.

The group, which is composed of Verity Stevenson, Antoni Nerestant, Jaela Bernstien, Jessica Rubinger, Jean Philippe Robillard, Daniel Boily as well as Meeker Guerrier, informed the story of a Haitian asylum seeker recruited right into black-market work in a meat plant that endured a significant injury in a workplace mishap.

CBC Montreal’s examination into this Haitian asylum hunter’s experience after he was seriously injured while working without a license in a Montreal-area meat plant has gained the team the CAW Canada-CAJ award for excellence in work reporting. (Verity Stevenson/CBC).

CBC journalists in Montreal Canada and the town of Quebec have earned double honors for quality in reporting from the Canadian Associations of Journalists

Allegations of police persecution of Native people have actually gone nowhere, query listens to. Montreal authorities failed to signal values commissioner regarding claimed misconduct including Aboriginal individuals. SQ police officers disregard duplicated phone call to get rid of ‘solidarity’ icon from vests.

Innu woman calls for rural authorities to fire police officer involved in terrible run-ins. Inuk woman’s tell-tale botulism symptoms would have been taken seriously if she ‘d been white, says her widower. The shadowy globe of temp company work. A team of Montreal reporters has actually won the CWA Canada/CAJ Honor for Quality in Work Coverage, honouring reporting on the social, political and also financial variables that affect the labour setting in Canada.

Her reporting over the course of a number of months exceeded the testimony at the Viens Commission– the Quebec public questions employed reaction to allegations that susceptible First Countries ladies in Val-d’Or, Que., had actually been maltreated and also abused by rural police officers.

The bands, engraved with the number of the Val-d’Or detachment, were used to reveal uniformity with 8 colleauges put on hold over accusations of mistreating Indigenous females. (Émélie Rivard-Boudreau/Radio-Canada). CBC Montreal reported on a Haitian asylum hunter’s communication with a temperature company that recruited him to function under incorrect ID at a meat plant, where he was seriously harmed. The firm and also the plant were plundered by workplace health as well as security assessors after the record was released. (Accuracy Stevenson/CBC).

CBC Montreal reported on a Haitian asylum applicant’s interaction with a temperature company that hired him to function under incorrect ID at a meat plant, where he was seriously harmed. The firm and also the plant were robbed by work environment health and safety examiners after the record was published. (Verity Stevenson/CBC).
The CAJ honors recognize the best in investigative journalism across the country.

Catou Mackinnon reported on the rejection by rural police officers to stop using symbolic red bands which Native individuals claimed they perceived as “intimidation and justification.” The bands, inscribed with the number of the Val-d’Or detachment, were worn to reveal uniformity with 8 colleauges put on hold over accusations of maltreating Aboriginal ladies. (Émélie Rivard-Boudreau/Radio-Canada).
Check out highlights from Catou MacKinnon’s proceeding protection:.

Paolo’s tale showed how employers exploited voids in Quebec’s labour laws. The team’s report helps bring modifications to the legislation were introduced, and several government agencies, including Quebec’s workplace health and wellness board, released examinations as well as conducted raids on the business involved.

Earlier this year, Paolo was ultimately approved settlement for his injury. MacKinnon attached the dots between unnamed policemans and various accusations to track outcomes as well as find out what, if anything, happens to a police officer who breaches the police Code of Ethics.

The Tiger Roars once again

tiger roars again

The tiger roars once again. When he won the Masters in 1997, his first major, at the age of 21, the rest of the golf world was put on notice. A young prodigy, a phenom of ethnicity different from the norm, the expected has entered the scene and he was not to be reckoned with.

Many were left in awe and in sheer amazement of the talent, the body type that was in display. He was chiseled out of the gym—making the ladies drool like never before. Tiger was not the typical beer guts, fat flopping of those that dominated that sport. He was muscular and athletic. Men wanted to be like him and women, hmm, wanted him.

Some fellow golfers thought him to be a one hit wonder. That year, he blistered the course winning by a margin of 12 shots. A feat that I don’t think will ever be repeated. He was the toast of the country and the world. An African-American did the unthinkable.

The Tiger Roars once again

He was not the first to blaze the trail by breaking the color barrier but  he was the first to hoist the Masters trophy and he did it in dominating fashion. The years that followed, Tiger proved to the world that he was here to stay and he was on course to break the hallowed record of 18 major championships, currently held by Jack Nicklaus.

Tiger brought the casual and non-golf fans to the yard or to the country clubs. People tuned in in every tournament that Tiger was contender. The viewership for the  majors on TV networks were breaking and setting records. The tiger effect. That effect was also felt amongst his peers positively and negatively.

They were raking millions because of the sport’s popularity. Fears seemed to have overcome them when Tiger was on the field—they would make mistakes that were not becoming of their game.

“Tiger! Tiger! Tiger” were the chants from the patrons. He was on top of this game; Tiger Woods was on top of the sport; he was on top of the world.

Who could bring this man down? Who could challenge him?

Ah! I am glad you ask.

Many former great men had fallen. Many strong pillars were crumbled  once before.

Tiger became a fixture in every household. He was also the family man that many would like to emulate. He was married to his Swedish sweetheart and later became the father of two children.

And then, on the frightful morning of November 30th, 2009, the headline read, “Tiger Woods injured in crash”. We were stunned and we were now at the edge of our seats waiting for the news to be developed.

Tiger was treated at the hospital and was released. A collective sigh of relief was heard throughout the world. Our god-like figure was okay and world order has been restored.

Hold on! That was not the end of the story. You can read it for yourself if you don’t know the rest. All I am going to say is that: there was David, there was Samson, there was Solomon, there was Bill Clinton, there is Trump. You can connect the dots. Trump and Tiger are golf buddies if you need a hint.

The world was waiting

The last major that Tiger won was in 2008 when he outlasted Rocco Mediate at the US Open on some bad knees. Those knees and bad back coupled with some unwritten transgressions would halt his progressive march toward being the best ever in the world at his sport. Divorced from his wife, Tiger’s life became the butt of joke for comedians and non-comedians alike.

The world saw a man who was once on top of the world crashed. Physically, he was beaten down. Mentally, he had lost his air and aura. He was no longer the same. Most people, me included, thought he was shot and there was no way he would regain his form and his dominance. He was done. He was left to eat dust on the golf courses.

And then, on Sunday, April 14th, 2019, at the Masters where this all started, Tiger roared again. The crowd was abuzz. Hardcore, casual fans were glued to their tv watching the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the resurgence of a man who was once dead.

He’s alive again. At least for that one weekend, Tiger proved to us to never doubt the resolve a man. As long as a man has God’s breath inside of him, he can overcome and he can be great again.

We know the man is flawed, as with many of us, but on that day he made us believe and demonstrated to us that we are all redeemable.

Written by e-Man

Ranmase 13 Avril 2019

Ramase samdi 13 Avril 2019.

Nan ranmase samedi 13 Avril la Jean Monard soulinye peyi an pat lòk pa fòs opozisyon an men li te lòk yon lòt Jan. A koz ratman gazolin Nan peyi Nan tout ponp yo se yon lòk sou yon lòt fòm. Jean monard ale pi lwen pou li di koz ensekirite,la mizè,nou paka pran lòt brimad ankò. Daprè sous jounalis lan ta sanble problèm gaz la ap rezoud Nan wikenn Nan. Se te swè Jean monard pou semèn Nan.

Dosye Stad Sylvio Cator

Pou rapèl samdi dènye radyo karayib te dwe live Nan lokal saint Louis gonzage pou gwo evenman sa. Pastoral dè jèn ki asosye ak fondasyon toup pou yo Nan sousi pou yo genyen yon lòd estad paske vye grann moun nan kòmanse pa reponn ak nòm entèvansyonal yo. se de gro moun ki gen yon pase Nan foutbòl la ki pran inisyativ sa.
Pou pa kite espò a mouri Nan fason li prale la.

Yon lòt kote nan Ranmase Jean monard fè konnen ke gen mwens moun ki entèrese ak foutbòl entèvansyonal ke nasyonal. Rezon an daprè Jean monard. Se paske nou pa gen yon bon estad e koz ensekirite. Rezon yo twalèt la pa bon pelouz la mande chanjman ak tan kounyea ki sanble ak yon kapèt.

Lè gen yon match nou ale o de la de kapasite estad menm sikilasyon paka fèt potoprens bloke.

Rezon envitasyon an.

Fòk nou gen yon nouvo estad Nan peyi an ki koz fondasyon toup pou yo ak jèn pastoral tap tann tout moun. Pri kat la  se 175 goud. Lokal Delmas 31 yap tann tout moun.

Aktyalte semene lan

Fè aktyalite a te kòmanse ak nominasyon Lapin premye minis. Jean michel Lapin te premye minis AI. Prezidan jovenel nome li kòm moun li chwazi pou premye minis peyi an aprè depa ceant ki te anfas prezidan an. Konstitisyon an avan denye amandman ki koze pwoblèm ki fè jounalis la pa dakò ak dezinye ou byen nome kote premye minis lan pral pase Devan 2 chanm yo, kote yo etire yon etap Nan yon premye Yo rele ratifikasyon du chwa ki tonbe, Se nominasyon dirèk. PM lan gen pou li pase Devan 2 chanm yo pou konpay politik li.kotel pral dèyè yon vòt favorab pou li enstale.

Si ceant te yon anfas pou prezidan an se pou li te montre li te gen yon politik ki konsène tout moun epi se tè ceant tap rale anba pye li. se òm de konfyans ke prezidan an chwazi yon moun anba zèl li. lè nou ta panse prezidan an gen majorite se pavre Chak depite,senatè se yon pati.

Prezidan an gen enterè pa li ajanda pa li e lòt mesye yo gen enterè pa yo. Vòt palemantè yo daprè j yo toujou vote pou prezidan an di yap pwoteje li men se enterè yo avan. se enterè pòch e pou yo rechèf.

Eske Lapin pral bon ou pa?

Se enterè yo ki pral deside. Yon lòt kote Jean monard fè kwè se sou fòm sa li te chita ak tout pati yo pou yo di wi yo dezinye Yon chèf deta.

Anons kèk pati politik pou denonse chwa prezidan an.

Gen anpil pati ki reyaji pou yo di yo pa konprann sa kap fèt la tankou odèp ayiti, kote Asad volcy te fè konnen li te gade prezidan an pou li di li se denye paj Nan liv ou an lèw ap pale de fomasyon gouvènman. Fizyon reaji kont prezidan an pou li di li se pa konsiltasyon pou li chwazi pm Nan men li pa,tande li pa wè. Kote tout moun konnen ki Jan sa fini menm erè yo pwodwi ankò.

Se akò peyi an tap mande li. Prezidan an tap fè yon erè lèl ta panse sipò peyi etranje ka chanje sa. Fizyon mande tout moun rete vijilan pou pwosè petrokaribe e tout viktim yo. Mobilization pirèd kont mizè grangou etc.

Lòt fè Nan aktyalite a se estokaj gaz la.

moun yo pa konn kilè ap genyen li ankò yo achte li an kantite. Kote biwo sekretè deta enfòme ke yo entèdi sou tout teritwa a pa Vann gaz Nan la ri sof estasyon yo pou koz ensekirite pou popilasyon an kote li te Vann 224 goud ki pase a 600 goud.
Ki fè kous yo ogmante.

Patisipasyon prezidan jovenel o forum Latino amerika.

Yon vizit de pwomès ke prezidan an tounen pirèd daprè Jean monard ke li pa menm reyalize pou ap ogmante li Kiyès kap tande li. Yon bilan pozitif pou prezidan kote li rankontre yon pakèt lòt otorite prezidan Panama a prezidan bid etc.Se te yon pwoblèm de pwosedi ant leta ayisyen la bank entèvansyonal.

Arestasyon majistra pestel la.

Kite tire yon jèn gason Nan yon fèt marckonel rosier te tonbe anba ba Nan men majistra pestel la fenam ki te rann vizit ak li ke yo mande ke la jistis fè wout li kòm sa dwa.kote sa te pase Vandredi 4 janvye 2019.yon delegasyon de 6 prezidan Nan lokalite Bernard sa te pase e yo arete li 9 mas denye. Fenam pat ale mande lage ni kritike men se Nan kondisyon ke li ye se pou sa ke yo tal visite majistra a.Yon lòt bò majistra a fè konnen se yon arestasyon politik.

Pap gen pwason ane sa pou senate you.

Se senatè yo ki pap Jwenn kòb pwason pou yon peyi pòv Nan mizè pou tout lajan sa yo ap gagote konsa daprè prezidan sena a. Ane 2017 yo te Jwenn 1 milyon de goud pou depite yo yon chèk de 350 mil goud yon montan de 76 milyon goud pou
Pwason pou ane 2018 pou depite yo 1 demi milyon de goud yon milyon an antye. 3.63 milya de goud pou 117 depite e 3.57 milya de goud pou sena paleman an koute an mwayèn 31 milyon de goud pou Chak depite e 123 milyon pou Chak senatè.

Dosye kòripsyon.

,cedh, konàn cjlap,skl, rnddh ki ekri yon lèt a mesye Pierre volmar
Pou jije moun ki gagote lajan leta e tout konsène yo.

Siw te rate Ranmase Samdi 13 Avril la, ou ka koute tout emisyon an 3 parti




Ranmase de Radio Caraibes Samedi 6 Avril 2019

Premye fè aktyalite a se echèk la polis ayisyen fas gang tou pwisan anel josèf. Sekretè deta ta fè konnen se evite twòp moun mouri ki koz yo pa rive pran chèf gang sa.Kote bandi an soulinye Zam ke li genyen yo si la polis genyen li lap depoze Zam.kèk polisye blese youn mouri e Twa bandi ta sanble tonbe Nan Troup anel la. sekretè deta fè konnen se pa volonte anel pou li ale refijel latibonit men se la polis ki pousel kote li fè konnen la polis pran kontwòl Vilaj la.

Rantre prezidan an Nan konsiltasyon Nan palè nasyonal.

Daprè jounalis Ramase a fè konnen anpil rankont ap miltipliye.Li rankontre odèp ayiti, Asad volcy, ayisyen pou ayiti, jonas Kofi,bozil, unir, opl,pastè sadrak, Dieudonné, Nicola pitit Jean Claude duvalier, gwoup 50,Joseph mercily, Rene mon plaisir pwòch preval,Rosemont e kèk lòt moun.Jounalis fè konnen ke se yon demach ki mal pran.

Jean monard fè konnen konnen menm se pa ta sa vre lòt moun ka panse se dyòb ki pral Bay.

Prezidan jovenel te rankontre prezidan 2 chanm yo.

Kote non anpil moun ap site pou premye minis lan. Jounalis la fè konnen ak pil respè ke li gen pou moun sa yo se depi aprè eleksyon pou yo te di yo pa rekonèt jovenel kòm prezidan.

Jean monard sou klasman eleksyon an.

Daprè jounalis Ramase a fè konnen menm ke nou pa tande jude Celestin men nou konnen pozisyon li. La pli pa figi sa yo yo patisipe Nan eleksyon ak jovenel e ak lòt moun.

Kriz pi red

sou rankont lan daprè li se toujou kriz pirèd aprè chita pale sa yo. Daprè jounalis la ou pa bezwen fò Nan politik mouvman sa yo pap abouti ak anyen. Jean monard fè konnen ou pa antann ak zanmi. Lèl konstate kote moun nan la ri yo se pa ak yo yo janm chita kriz pirèd.

Nòt de mèt Rene Julien.

Rankont sou rankont li evidan ke sitiyasyon pèp ayisyen prezante kòm yon dram ak menm figi sa yo Nan palè kap rann yon gou fad.se komsi se vagabon ki la pou dirije nou daprè jounalis lan. Fòs politik ki Nan la ri an kap mande depa jovenel.

AAA de youri ki Jwenn envitasyon pal ki Jwenn regle kont li tankou piti desalin tankou sektè demokratik.

Repons youri pou prezidan an.

Nou resevwa envitasyon ou an Nan palè nasyonal pou patisipasyon li Nan nouvo gouvènman an.
Konteni de siyasyon an e pozisyon nou nou oblije absan pati a ouvè pou dyalog nasyon an men kòm gen mèsenè pwosè petrokaribe Nan lespri sa se okazyon pou nou Bay yon ezanp.resevwa nòt sa de kòdonatè youri la tortue.Sektè demokratik la a chèf kabinè prezidan an paske se li ki te voye lèt la.

Mesye chèf kabinè sektè demokratik la nou sezi okazyon sa pou raple jovenel pèp ayisyen an pap revandike yon pataj de gato.

Revandikasyon pèp ayisyen evidan arete moun ki volè lajan petrokaribe a.  E jovenel ki gen non li ladanl Remete tout manda yo sou tab la.

Arestasyon tout moun ki te gen dwèt yo masak la salin e viktim Nan manifestation yo ki pran bal mouri kite pitit fanmi dèyè.

Liberasyon de tout prizonye politik yo. Dosye dèmalog ki enplike madanm prezidan an.
Demisyon prezidan jovenel pou enkapasite li. E pou rantre mèsenè yo pou asasine politisyen nou yo.

Reyaksyon pitit desalin Moise Jean Charles.

Kote senatè a soulinye li pap chita ni pou long ni pou kout ak yon moun kel lap konbat pou yon move sistèm. Moise ta fè kwè se tè lap voye nap zye moun pou yon makiyaj 5 lane. Kote li fè konnen se yon demach pou bloke sistèm Nan men yap batay pou chanje li. Nou di non nou pap trayi pèp la ke li te konnen nou pa tap reponn ak envitasyon li.

Men kek rezon ki fè nou pap janm rankontre li

Masak la salin lan.
Rejim li an lage dèyè moun ki Nan manifestasyon e arete bat yo.
Li fè mèsenè foule tè papa desalin lan pou kase bank.
Pou asasine politisyen nou yo ki tap mande li Bay pouvwa yo pran bal Nan tèt Nan kè.
San nou pa bliye menm sa ki Nan prizon pou jounen jodia.

Pa bliye pèp ayisyen nou te ekri 4 lèt a jovenel pou nou di li ke li ta pral kraze peyi an ak boujwazi kontrebann. Nou te pale de dola a akoz defisi bidyetè. Li pat janm tande lè li panse mobilization an bese epi problem ap ogmante Nan peyi a. Pwogrè nou se pwomès mèt dam la mizè ensekirite. Nou menm nou wè lwen se sa ki lajan lap mete Nan poch nou. Peyi an pral lòk Nan jou ki pral vini yo manda chèf la polis pral fini manda konsèy la pral fini depite detyè sena tout pral fini. Pa gen gaz bato gaz la pou kòb paka Sevi nou . kote nap Peye 25 mil dola ameriken pa jou.pou reta.

Se sa entèvansyonal la mandel fè pataje Gato met zèb Nan Bouch nou. Twal la pa ase pou fè rad la men tayè a Taye ladanl pou Jete.pitit desalin pap Bay pèp la kout kouto sa. Taboularaza pou lòt semenn sou machin ou ye de kaoutchou Nan falèz de patinen. Nou pitit desalin nou pap goumen pou nou etirew Nan la bou

Match la ta pral derape ant Opozisyon kont Pouvwa

deba jounen samdi an ta pral sou koze bandi ki pran peyi a, prezidan Jovnel pa gen okenn repons, li pa ka dirije dapre opozisyon an. Sou koze rankont lan, vre opozisyon an, sa yo rele opozisyon radikal la, te boude rankont lan Pouvwa pat pare pou ranmase samdi an, an fas Youri Latortue, Met Andre Michel, Danton Leger. Yourie Latortue, Andre Michel, Danton Leger te trop pou Depite Alfredo avek Charlot Jacquelin ki te reprezante pouvwa Jovnel la.

Te gen on kote nan emisyon an, ou te santi Charlot te menm anvi kriye, telman li te pran kou. Depite a menm fe plis emisyon an an silans.

Siw te rate Ranmase Samdi 6 Avril la, ou ka koute tout emisyon an 3 parti


Rezime Ramase samdi 6 Avril 2019. Rezime par Ing. Simplice Destin

Radio Caraibes ranmase 30 Mars 2019


This week on Ranmase Part 1

Fè aktyalite a te kòmanse ak echèk group opozisyon an te pran jounen 29 mas 2019.

Nan sousi pou retire prezidan jovenel ki pap regle anyen sou pouvwa a. Jean monard tap mande eske se kondisyon feblès opozisyon an ki ta koz. Andre lafontan te ekri pou li di an nou fè echèk yo tounen viktwa menm nou konnen sa pa chanje Nan kè popilasyon an.

Let Andre Lafontan

Li soulinye se pa Nan pale Nan radyo tout la jounen kap chavire pouvwa anplas la. Li fè konnen se kòmanse travay edikasyon politik la pou nou pa kontinye Nan menm mouvman sa.Nou pral antre nan yon mouvman makiye. Eleksyon pral fèt pou nou vale bagay dèmalog la.

Nou pral jwenn depite ak senatè makiye. Si nou pa pran mateli ankò nap pran yon lòt jovenel. Koze divizyon sa koz advèsè a pa okipe nou. Radyo yo travay yap fè a bon men fòk yo konnen si twoup la nan bon kondisyon.

Gen moman pou atake, lot moman pou repliye. Se konsa batay fèt.

Vot sou sale minimom

Depite manes lwi, prentan belizè, sinal bètran, jean robè bose, roje milyen ki ta pwopoze mil goud kòm salè minimòm pou ouvriye yo kòm yon pwopozisyon lwa.Peyizan senmichèl de latalay e savann dyann menase dexpwopriyasyon de Andre apèd sou 6666 kawo de tè. Moun akayè ap denonse la polis ki arete mèt Andre boutou

Men nouvo sale depite yo vote nan lwa sa: Batiman endistriyèl e komèsyal pasan de 420 goude a 720 goud. Transpò aeryen, elektrisite, bank, sipè mache, mezon transfè pase de 500 a 800 goud. materyo de konstriiktisyon, transpò tèrès pase de 400 a 600 goud. otel, restoran pase de 350 a 425 goud. gadyen, sèvant pase de 215 a 335 goud. petrolye pase de 400 a 700 goud.

This week on Ranmase Part 2.

Ayiti reponn Washington

Anbasadè ayiti a Nan Washington te reponn 104 kongrèsmann yo ki te ekri pou yo denonse vyolasyon de dwa imen. Let sa atake gouvènman ayisien an e rann li koupab sou sitiyasyon nan la saline ke yo lanse dè ankèt sou gouvènman ayisyen an. Nan resant manifestasyon ki te òganize Nan peyi an kote 26 moun te mouri 77 blese nan peyi lòk la. Manifestasyon sa te gen pou bi demisyon jovenel e pwosè petrokaribe a. Anbasade a pote yon demanti fòmel ak sa ki di yo sou gouvènman ayisyen an.

Sou dosye Petrokratibe, Jij ramonsit aksime ki an chaje de dosye petrokaribe a soti yon òdonans. Yon odonans sou konpayi prezidan jovenel ki jele Pami tout desizyon ki pran yo. Li òdone yon ankèt apwofondi sou konpayi kofenè e plizyè pèsonn fizik e moral endekse nan zafè sa.

Fondasyon fkl dirije pa madam mari yolèn Jil e me madisten revele plizyè pèsonn fizik e moral ki konsène pa mezi sa yo an dat 21 mas 2019. Jij majistra enstriktè a jije aplike dè mezi konsèvatwa nan sousi de lapidasyon petrokaribe. Selon atik 16 e 46 de la lwa sanksyone blanchisman lajan a.

Tout bank e enstitisyon sou teritwa nasyonal la. Michel lekò, estach senlo, Loran Lamot, mari Kamel Jan mari, Jak Gabriyel, Estefani vuldruoin, Wilson Lalo, Josefa gotye, yve gèmen, Jan max bel riv, e dot e direktè ulcc e ukref pou vini nan kabinèl.

Jij la mande DCPJ poul pase lòd ak brigad li pou yon rapò detaye sou zafè petrokaribe a. Met Andre michel di se yon ti pa. Mèt Danton leje mande pou kisa gen kek batiman ki poko sezi. Yo tout gen lajan petrokaribe a la dan yo. Otel e Kay pitit mateli te kòmanse achte. Nèg yo fè konnen lè Jij la mande ulcc e ulcref dokiman se on blof paske yo konnen byen ki es Jovenel mete Nan plas sa yo.

This week on Ranmase Part 3.

Depite ki te vote salè minimòm pou ouvriye yo ki ta pral fè gran deba. Te gen anpil kritik pou entèpelasyon depite yo te fè a pou ranvwaye ansyen pm ceant. Pou fè pèp la bliye sak pase a, gen 77 depite pou, zewo kont, yon abtanston pou vote sale minimom jou madi 26 mas 2019 la.


Ranmase 24 Mars 2019


Ranmase 23 Mars 2019

Ansyen Senatè Steven Benoint, Jean Andre Victor, Tony Barbier, Hughes Celestin, Sinal Betrand ak Rudy Herivaux te envite Ranmase sou 24 mas 2019.

Emisyon an te kòmanse avèk Jean Andre Victor ki te voye senpati pou mwen Gedeon ki te lachte bat detay sekirite ansyen prezidan Martelly. Tony Barbier sou lòt men an te kòmanse pa pale sou mobilizasyon k ap vini an sou li 29 Mas.

Rudy herivaux ki reprezante gouvènman an mande mobilizasyon pou ki sa?

Sa pa te sispann Tony Barbier. Li te di pi gwo priyorite yo se demisyon prezidan an, yon jis pwosè PetroCaribe ak yon konferans nasyonal.

Emisyon nan reyèlman te kòmanse avèk anilasyon pèfòmans Martelly a nan Kanada. Yon pèfòmans wont kòm Jean Monard rele li.

Pou Rudy, li te yon regrèt ke pefomans lan te anile. Pèfòmans lan ta dwe yon ogmantasyon pou Kanada a ak kominote ayisyen an nan Monreyal. Rudy te ale pi lwen pou di ke te gen plis moun pou show a pase moun ki te kont li.

Prezidan Martelly se yon moun ki respektye dapre Herivaux. Si li te nan soulye Martelly, menm si li ta konpòte yon fason diferan.

Jou a te debite kom dabitid ak kout pwen ki tap tire ant moun ki reprezante opozisyon an ak sa yo ki pou gouvènman an.

Ranmase 23 Mars 2019, 2e pati

Men kek pwen ki soti nan Marche 24th Ranmase.

“Agronòm nan fè konnen li pa nòmal konpòtman ansyen prezidan An ap afiche a li pa ka bali lòt plas ankò nan sosyete a joure fanm antre nan pèsonalite mounn se pa avni peyi a , se ta yon wont pou nou ap pale pozitif de sa .”

“Agronom lan fè konnen ou ta dwe pran konsomasyon pou bay ti bebe poul pran yon desizyon sou peyi a ak rekò sou yon ray chanjman.”

“Envite Hygue fè konnen yon mounn kite okipe yon plas nan peyi an e menm avan poul toujou gen menm konpòtman sa nou paka pale de popilarite pouli depite a fè konnen li ta vle wè yon gras devan doktè a telman lap de natire tèt li .”

“Depite a te kontinye poul te di kapasite yon doktè tankou Erivaud poul ap apiye mateli kisa sa ta vle di kel fè konnen mateli se bagay pase . Pa gen konparezon yon moun ki fin preparel poul tap konparel ak mateli .”

“Senatè Steeven Benoit te rive fè bouch li poul di li pap pale de sa paske li soulinye delè komite entènasyonal la te mete mateli nan dezyèm tou kel estime Li pat ladanl , senatè a fè konnen tout manm inite yo te kouri kite Jude Celestin pou yon kesyon de viza si yo pa dakò mateli nan dezyèm tou .”

“Senatè a fè konnen fachel ak ansyen prezante ou paskel deklare ke mateli ou diy poul prezidan. Ansyen senatè a tap soulinye ke nou te bezwen vagabon ke mounn serye. ”

Ranmase 23 Mars, 2019 3e pati


American Politicians Call for Investigations into Government Actions in Haiti


Two active American Polticians, from the House of Representatives, Andy Levin and Barbara Lee, 104 elected US representatives on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, sent a letter to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, requesting that he examine the violation and the human rights violation by the Haitian government and the police amid the ongoing demonstrations organized out in Haiti.

“We ask you to help careful and free examinations concerning claims of defilement at the base of the present emergency and human rights infringement, including extrajudicial executions,” he said. The initiators of this letter bearing the mark of 104 bipartisan individuals altogether of the United States House of Representatives.

here is the full letter in its entirety from house.gov page https://andylevin.house.gov/sites/andylevin.house.gov/files/LevinLee-Haiti%20ltr%2003-2019.pdf

“The Honorable Mike Pompeo Secretary of State

U.S. Department of State 2201 C Street NW

Washington, D.C., 20520

Dear Mr. Secretary:

We write to express our serious concerns regarding ongoing civil unrest in Haiti.We appreciate the legitimate frustrations of the Haitian people, whose democratic aspirations have been repeatedly thwarted. We urge you to support dialogue aimed at resolving the country’s escalating crisis and ensuring that upcoming elections are transparent and inclusive.

We take note of the President and Prime Minister’s calls for dialogue and hope that all efforts are made by the government to ensure a broad participation among stakeholders.

In addition, we urge you to support thorough and independent investigations into both the corruption allegations that sparked the current crisis and the human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings, that have reportedly taken place.

27 people killed in Haiti during the 2 weeks protests

As you are aware, recent anti-corruption protests demanding President Jovenel MoIse’s resignation have resulted in violence. On February 27, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) noted that 26 people have been killed and 77 injured since February 7. On February 14, the State Department issued a Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Advisory for Haiti and ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S. personnel and their families.

We are deeply saddened by these events and offer our condolences to the victims and their families. We condemn acts of violence by all actors and are troubled by the economic damage incurred during this period — yet another devastating blow to Haiti’s development.

In light of recent events and approaching elections in Haiti, we respectfully ask the Department to provide the following updates:

We urge the Department to support accountability efforts around the Petrocaribe case and request a report detailing U.S. support for Haiti’s independent anticorruption institutions, as well as the results of any investigations into corruption involving Haitian government officials. We support the Haitian people’s calls for government accountability, especially as it relates to the reported misappropriation of nearly $2 billion in low-interest loans provided through Venezuela’s Petrocaribe initiative. Though both a Haitian Senate

No one held accountable for Haiti corruptions

I “Concerned about Worsening Violence and Search”, in Haiti, IACHR Unveils Plans for a Rapid and Integrated Response Coordination Unit to Monitor the Situation.” Organization of American States. February 27, 2019. investigation and independent Court of Auditors report implicated numerous public officials – including officials in the current administration – in wrongdoing involving Petrocaribe funds, no one has been held accountable.


We request a briefing regarding reports of violence against those exercising their democratic rights. We are especially concerned by recent reports of a massacre involving Haitian security agents and government officials, which resulted in up to 60 deaths, as recognized by Human Rights Watch.’- We understand that the United Nations (UN) Justice Support Mission in Haiti is investigating this incident and ask that you provide Congress with a briefing on the progress of that investigation to date, as well as a report on the conclusions of the investigation.

We ask that you communicate to our partners in Haitian law enforcement, and the UN mission, the importance of rigorous investigations into allegations of abuses and justice for victims of state violence. Reports of excessive use of force and gross human rights violations perpetrated by Haitian National Police officers are deeply troubling. The U.S. has provided Haiti with $150 million in direct security assistance over the last decade and has long supported UN efforts aimed at strengthening and professionalizing the Haitian National Police. We also ask that you provide Congress with a report on Leahy Law compliance regarding police units, including units involved in narcotics control.

We ask that you work with partners in the country to impress upon the Haitian government the importance of inviting the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to visit the country and investigate acts of political violence, including the mass killing in La Saline. We are concerned that the current Haitian administration failed to renew the mandate of UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Independent Expert on Haiti, a position that has monitored the conditions in the country since 1995.

We call on the Department to ensure that U.S. electoral support for Haiti involves broad outreach to Haitian civil society and promotes inclusion and empowerment. U.S. support should foster a democratic environment that allows for the full participation of Haitian voters. The U.S. has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in electoral assistance to Haiti and, with other international bodies, has observed all recent elections. Nonetheless, voter turnout has consistently fallen for more than a decade.”

104 American Politicians from the lower chamber signed the letter

Shooters assaulted Chilean diplomat’s motorcade in Haiti


Shooters assaulted Chilean diplomat’s motorcade in Haiti

A few NGO specialists are purportedly missing after the assault, which Chile’s representative to Haiti has been assaulted by equipped men in a Haitian town amid a so called visit to bring water to a nearby town.

Patricio Utreras was visiting an undertaking kept running by Fundacion America Solidaria, a water supply NGO on Wednesday. He was allegedly with his wife and some NGO workers when the incident happened.

La Tercera, a Chilean paper, detailed that the shooters landed at Boutin, a town about 19km from the capital, Port-au-Prince, in a white Ford at around early afternoon (16:00 GMT).

Some reports reported casualties. At least one worker is was killed in the incident according to reports.